You're eligible for the sh*t luck tax rebate!

Tax day was not so bad this year, but we did move halfway across the country, purchase a home, get hit in the stock market, and go from a two income family to a one income family. So I figured we were due for a break and thankfully that's how it worked out :)

Hubs was home sick today so we've had an extra 'family' day which has been really nice, even though I wish he were feeling better.



Anonymous said...

Yay for some extra bucks! I think we must have contributed to your tax rebate because we got shat on, relatively speaking. :)

j was home sick today too, I unfortunately couldn't stay home with him quite yet. Very soon though.

6:54 PM
Vanessa said...

Hooray for a good tax year! Having been audited twice, take the breaks when you can get them. Hope Hubs feels better soon.

8:57 PM
DeeMarie said...

Yeah for good taxes!!!!! Hope Hubs is feeling better.

7:20 AM
calicobebop said...

I hear ya! The tax-man was good to me this year too - thank God for small miracles.

9:22 AM
Mel said...

Great news about your taxes. ;) Gotta take the good stuff where you can!

10:46 AM
Debbie said...

Pretty much you have to prove that you had the worst year ever to get money back. Congrats! (I think!)

1:45 PM
Cat said...

Funny, I got the Please Don't Kill Yourself rebate! Finally, right?

3:04 PM