My Native American name is Little Big Trouble

Hey, where you goin'? You love my kisses, right?

Um, this is my couch.

Get your camera out of my face.

I figure it's been a while since I posted anything about our current baby, so there you go. Hero lives on, as naughty and bitey and demanding as ever. Recently someone told us that having a dog does not in any way prepare you for having a baby, and I had to laugh. We're doing this for nothing? If having a baby is 1000x worse than having a Hero, we're in trouble! I know having a dog is not the same as having a baby, but Hero's thrown our once very simple and self-focused lives into a tailspin. We take caring for him so seriously, especially since he came with so many medical and behavioral problems. I have to believe he's a trial run. Otherwise, it'd be like amputating a cancerous limb to save your life, only to find out that the cancer has spread and turns out you lost your leg for nothing.



Anonymous said...

Mmm, I love him. :) I love him through my computer screen though, so I'm quite confident you have much more patience than I ever would. Our dogs are pretty "good" on the dog spectrum and they about do me in most days. So yes, I think it's absoulutely a trial run, and I hope after this that God rewards you with one very mild mannered little kiddo. *hugs*

2:02 PM
Mel said...

You know, I tend to think that dogs are actually tougher than babies! Babies grow and learn and develop and dogs, while the can get better, don't transform quite that much. You have to love them knowing they might always be little heathens that will forever pee on your perfectly good rug for no good reason. (I'm not at all bitter)
Thanks for sharing pictures today!

3:53 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I love Hero pics! I think dogs and babies are similar in some ways and different in others. So, I think you're at least getting some preparation with when it comes to dirty diapers and not sleeping ever, that might be another story. :P

6:24 PM
michelle said...

Um, babies are tougher than dogs because you can't put them in a crate or leave them home alone and you can't just scratch their belly or give them a treat to make them happy.

On the other hand, kids are much easier than the tag-team-of-mass-destruction I call my two dogs because I can tell my kids to go clean up their room or take out the trash but the dogs do not clean up their own (very large and massive quantities of ) poop and tend to chew and shred everything that isn't nailed down.

Catch 22 if you ask me? lol!

7:31 PM
'Murgdan' said...

Awwww...what a cutie. I don't know anything about any babies...but if the dog is any indication of what parenting will be I can only say that my child(ren) will be SO so spoiled.

7:54 PM
Fertilized said...

haha I think Hero's Native American Name is a perfect fit

8:01 PM
Melissa said...

You were right - we needed our Hero fix. :o)
I've had dogs all my life, and a baby for 9 months, and I think that, while a dog can change your life a lot (as Hero has changed yours), a baby changes it, too, in different ways. You guys are more prepared for a baby because you are training (being trained by?) someone other than yourselves. You are constantly surprised by his antics. You are constantly having to up your game. All things that will happen when you have a baby in the house, too! :o)
I am sorry for that person that told you Hero isn't preparing you for (human) parenthood, because they sound a bit cynical to me. Sounds like they haven't had enough good puppy lovin' in their lifetime! :o)
Keep your spirits up. Keep laughing at the not-so-helpful advice of friends. Keep loving on that sweet-faced dog of yours!:o)

11:15 PM
Ali-Pants said...

In my humble opinion, naughty babies are easier than naughty dogs. But not necessarily because they're actually easier. You will love your baby about 1,,000,000 times more than you love Hero. I couldn't believe people when they told me that because my dog was my BABY, and he hasn't had hardly any problems, behavioral or otherwise. But it's true. Babies are just so much easier to love, it's instinct. So don't worry. You're going to be a great mommy!

11:00 AM
Crys :D said...

can you take care of plants alright?

12:09 PM
Anonymous said...

Having a dog IS a trial run for when you have kids. They're sweet and adorable but keep you on your toes.

8:06 AM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

As a mother of 2 1/2 year old twins, AND a 12 week old puppy, I will tell you that it's not the same, but a REALY CLOSE second. Our puppy has been quite the experience. Love her though!

7:00 PM
DeeMarie said...

You know why he's rotten? Because he's just so dang cute!! That, will probably be practice for a baby. Because I have no doubt your children will be beautiful. And therefore, as ornery as all get-out!! Thanks for sharing the pics. I haven't been around in awhile, but know I always think of you.

8:10 AM
Cameron said...

Maybe the dog can take care of the baby?!?! Problem solved!

12:48 PM
flea said...

what a sweet dog and what a cute name!! adorable.

and I agree having a dog is a lot of work and is quite possibly the closest thing to a baby without actually having a "baby" (I don't have kids yet so they are my BABIES)

2:47 PM
shopgirl said...

OMG he's sooo stinking cute and love the close up! Native name = Trouble huh? Pop on over to my blog and help me name my "newest fur-baby."

Oh and as for dogs being like babies - well, thank goodness - since you can't put the baby in the crate when you need some "alone" time!!

Then again - dogs are harder -b/c at least you can diaper a baby- my floors have never been so clean (and dirty at the same time)!
Thanks for sharing!

8:09 PM