Forward motion, if not exactly progress

My mom left on Sunday. I was so sad to see her go - it was really so nice having her here. But we had such a great visit that I didn't really feel upset by her leaving. Especially knowing she'll come back once the baby's born, so it won't be too long till I see her next. More than anything I feel blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

On Sunday after we dropped her off at the airport we ran a few errands and then went out for lunch. Back home we did some housework and then watched a few episodes of 24 on dvd from Netflix. It was a good day with Hubs, and that eased the transition to finding myself once again a geographical orphan :)

On the baby front, M3 (Miss Mini Mac) is squirming around like crazy and I love feeling her move! We'll finish part of the nursery this weekend and are resuming the hunt for daycare. In mid-March we visit the hospital where we'll deliver. I found a therapist who deals with pregnancy and postpartum issues (never can be too prepared) and I'm working with her to develop birthing and post-birth, back-at-home plans to keep me sane and healthy. I heart her. We're signing up for child birth classes, even though I don't feel like they'll be particularly helpful. But it's one of those things you do, right?

As for work, I still have no idea how much maternity leave I'll take or what kind of hours I'll go back to and how soon. Big question mark, but knowing I have flexibility there is nice (although in some ways even more daunting). I'm desperate to work at home, but so is most of the office so I have no idea whether or not that'll pan out.

Hero, more than anyone, is having trouble adjusting to my mom leaving. We've had many walks and visits to the dog park to try to compensate for his missing friend, but he's mostly inconsolable.



Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, my word! I have been gone way too long! I was sitting here wondering how you were doing today and came over hoping that things had developed in the past months and they have!!!!
I'm so happy for you! And a girl? Bonus!

9:20 AM