Just for kicks

This little girl's moving all over the place! I can feel her a lot now, and even Hubs and my mom can feel her through my stomach. Wild.

The nursery is painted!!!!!! Not decorated in any way, but painted!!!!!! It's not pink, and I feel slightly guilty about that. Not because it's not pink per se, but because it's not pastel. It's dark tan/light brown. Our nursery theme is 'jungle', and pink just doesn't belong in the jungle.



Crys :D said...

jungle is fun. just don't judge her when she comes home wearing leopard print heels. you can't say "only hookers wear leopard print, miss mini mac!" because you brought this on yourself :)

Congrats again!! :)

3:52 PM
Swishy said...

I think it is totally fine not to have a pink nursery! Sounds adorable!

12:54 AM