A post in which I whine about being too busy. I know, it's getting old.

I thought this weekend was going to be bad, and turns out I was right on the money.

Friday night Hubs and I both crashed from having not had a single weeknight that wasn't full to the brim until about 9-10pm.  It was nonstop all week, with not a moment of down time.  Then Saturday we'd agreed to watch my friend C's kids overnight while they went to a bed and breakfast in town. They desperately needed the break, but sadly so did we.  It was a long day and night.  We woke up Sunday to a race against the clock to get us both ready for church, home to let the dog out, and keep the kids fed and entertained until C and B returned. 

The end result?  5 minutes late to church (not bad at all given the circumstances), several kid meltdowns, several adult anxiety attacks, and a $145 speeding ticket.

Yup, right on the money with the total suckage that this weekend turned out to be.

Sunday we were at various events and services all day and then finally made it home by about 5pm.  We took Hero for a walk and then spent the rest of the night in our pjs watching 24.  This morning, up and at 'em with an early OB appointment, a bunch of errands, a dog walk, and now I'm headed to the office.

This week's another hellish one.  I honestly don't know how long we can keep up this pace.  And this is without a baby.  I definitely am not one of those people who thrive on being busy all the time, going from one thing to the next without vacant hours in between.  How we find ourselves here I don't know, but even more depressing is that I don't see a way out.  Must.  De-clutter.  Life. 




seussgirl said...

Oye, I'm right there with you; I did the math today and we have every night planned for the next 2 weeks with no break. I can't keep up that pace either, but there is nothing easy to give up!
I hope you find a rest and break soon!

8:19 PM