I had a wonderful weekend with my husband which reminded me that when we get time together, we're such a great couple! How can we get more time together?!?!?!

We need to reinstate date nights. Quick, before the McNugget makes her appearance.

On a scary note, Sunday morning we took Hero to the dog park and he got attacked by a pit bull! A pit bull! In a pink sweater of all things! (The pit bull, not Hero.) It was terrifying. It's amazing to me that no damage was done, because she was latched onto Hero's face for a good couple of seconds. There was some blood, but no discernible wound. Poor Hero was legitimately freaked out! It was nuts.

Some dogs should not go to the dog park. I won't get into my thoughts on pit bulls because it's complicated, but I will share my thoughts on pit bull owners who are apparently clueless: keep your untrained dog who just happens to have the capacity to be a killing machine at home. I realize we have a little terror of a dog, but the operative word there is little. And lacking the jaw power of a Great White. Neither of which can be said about this she-demon of a pit bull. My bottom line is, the more devastating the damage your dog can do, the more absolutely positive you'd better be that she isn't going to do it before you let her loose in public.

And for the love of all that's decent in this world, don't put her in a pink sweater!



shopgirl said...

Awww!! Poor Hero!! I'm glad to hear that he's ok - it's dog owners like that (not you) that make me crazy!! I know Pit Bulls bring out all kinds of emotions for everyone - but it really is the dog owners responsibility and I agree with you 1000000% that if your dog is NOT trained (whether it's a Pitt or not) Heck, I even limit my time at parks with my LABS!!

Again, I'm glad Hero is ok though!!

9:58 PM