Today is Green Day at work. Following the very successful Gray/Brown Outfit Day of April 7th 2006. The color days were my creation, and green was my push. But last week I wore an adorable all-lime-green outfit, and this morning I suddenly found myself completely out of unworn green. Not wanting to recycle before an appropriate hiatus (and not willing to raid the hamper), I did the only thing I could - I grabbed a green and purple scarf and tied it around my neck as a last-minute addition to my ensemble of otherwise muted tones. Lame, I know. The result? Mutiny. I almost had to hide in my office and lock the door. The ranks are unhappy. Very green, and very unhappy.

Our next day is Red Day. I'm going to be head-to-toe red. I'll look like Valentine's Day incarnate. I know I can win them back over. I'll be so red they'll need a whole new word for red.