You never had it so good

J made a great discovery last week: Vitamuffins. They're really good. And super healthy! They have fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals and they're chocolate. Granted, they do taste a little bit like they're good for you. But they beat Grapenuts hands down. We placed our order last night and now we're just waiting for delivery. J took a risk and ordered the Vitabrownies. I think that was a bad call. You can fake breakfast, but you can't fake dessert. Faux chocolate when you weren't expecting chocolate (like in a muffin) is fabulous. Faux chocolate when you were expecting chocolate (like in a brownie) has damaging psychological and emotional consequences.



Anonymous said...

If you like Vitamuffins you should try Fred's Incredible muffins! They are 100 calories, 1 point on weight watchers, natural and really tasty! In addition, they are high in protein, high in fiber, diabetic friendly, no sugar added and gluten free. They don't have that "good for you" taste like Vitamuffins do.

3:22 PM