Leader of the unfortunate lemmings?

So for some reason I convinced everyone in my office that

1. grey and brown can and should be worn together (with discretion, but done right it works)
2. we should all wear a grey/brown combination outfit on Friday

The more I think about it, the less confident I am in my conviction that my coworkers should become fashion forward by the end of the week. What if they do it wrong and end up looking like the reason why people tell you not to wear grey and brown together?

Note to self: only play fashion roulette with your own ensemble



Bob said...

Hello Elle...I was about to sign into MY blogsite and saw the "Most recently updated" blogs scrolling by and happened to spot yours. After reading several of your blogs, I have directed my daughter to your site. You have a very similar and distinctive style in your writing and in your view of the world around you....kind of a "Cathy" Guiseweite of etherspace. Hope you don't mind this midwesterner poking around in your not-so-private thoughts. oh, my site is http://bobsartwork.blogspot.com and you are welcome to visit anytime.

12:53 PM