"Cath is in town this weekend and she's staying with us. She brought Steve. She's still not sure about him."

"How come? Haven't they known each other forever?"

"Yeah. Apparently he's not funny enough in social situations."

"Is he funny enough in non-social situations?"

"Yeah, Cath thinks he's hilarious."

"Wow. When did we get so particular?"

"Well, it used to be that Cath didn't think he was hot enough. So at least she's focusing more on other people's opinions about his inner quality."



Bob said...

Hello GNAB...(I don't want to assume your name is Elle)
After reading your latest "dialog", I can't help but feel it should have been some lines from Seinfeld!
Thanks for the comment about my painting. They are all oils. I've done watercolors, but haven't posted any here yet.(that I remember anyway) I have to get back to the canvas and paint so I can post more. Last weeks painting got wiped off after returning home from the field, much to the relief of the canvas it was smeared upon! Not every painting is meant to be a masterpiece!

5:54 PM
Crys :D said...

Have missed a lot! Sorry..
1. There exists some place called the Cheesecake Factory!? holy crap. I have to go.
2. Happy Birthday.
3. the Da Vinci Code book seemed so much smarter the first time I read it. How's the movie?

9:10 AM
ElleCharlie said...

Crys, Welcome back :)
1.Yes, so yummy. Every flavor of cheesecake imaginable... do you have them in Canada? Worth a trip to the States perhaps...
3.Eh. Entertaining but not fabulous... Audre Tautou is the highlight (Amelie) - love her!

Bob, Oil. Huh. Is that different than acrylic? Too bad about the lost paintings, but yeah, can't always be brilliant can we? :)

9:40 PM