On Tuesday morning I'm leaving for NYC for five days for a national college health conference. I'm actually really excited about it. We're taking the train there, and I love trains. We'll be staying at a swank hotel in Times Square, so we'll be in a great location. We've been invited to lots of pharmaceutical company-sponsored dinners and those are always upscale affairs, which means we'll get to hit some good restaurants and order glasses of wine that cost what we'd usually pay for an entire bottle. R has some family in NYC and her brother is going to show us around some of the hot spots at night. So we should have lots of fun.

And as if all that wasn't enough, I just found out that Mookie is coming into the city to take me to lunch at the Carnegie Deli on Thursday. I love the Carnegie Deli!

Oh, and the conference will be a good learning opportunity. I meant to throw that in earlier but I got sidetracked.