What kind of person?

I'm going to say something I believe most people feel but few are willing to express because it goes against our educated, environmentally-conscious, card-carrying liberal personas.

I hate cyclists.

I'm imagining that people are going to get all tizzy about that. But it's true. I hate cyclists. I love the idea of them. But my approval only holds up at the philosophical level. When I'm in my car, I hate them. I hate that I have to worry about hitting them. I hate when they insist on riding in the street with auto traffic. I hate it when they don't signal. I hate it when they do signal because I don't know what the signals mean. I hate it when I have to pass them and I'm paranoid that I'll accidentally knock one over. I just hate cyclists.

Oh, and I also hate to recycle. But I do it, I promise.



Moxie said...

Cyclists suck! You know I'm with you on this one...

10:32 AM