No self-esteem problems here

Today is my birthday and also our designated red day at work, which means I'm both dressed up and dressed bright. Red dress, red nails, red lipstick, heels - I pretty much hit ya in the face today. As I walked into our office building this morning, my favorite security guard was sitting at the desk.

"Wow, you smell good," he said as he swiped my ID card. "Is that Chanel?"

"Nope, Victoria's Secret," I informed him. "Very Sexy."

He smiled and winked at me suggestively. I got into the elevator and turned to a colleague from another department who arrived at the same time that I did.

"Very Sexy is the name of the perfume,"I told her, as I was working this out in my head. "If he didn't know that, he might think I was pointing out to him that I think I'm very sexy...?"

"It might seem that way," she agreed.

"Huh. Well that's just awkward."



Joey Polanski said...

Evn if you had jus said "Victorias Secret," he might still have heard "Very Sexy."

Somtimes it jus works that way.

2:57 PM