Hey, has anyone seen my car? Oh wait, I remember - I parked it in the super crazy Euro car dispenser...

This is a picture of a new parking garage in Munich. Makes me proud to be German. Talk about efficiency. No wonder organization is one of my strong suits - it's probably genetically encoded.

This structure reminds me of the pods in the Matrix or The Island. Are those cars really living or are they just being brainwashed to think they're alive...???

Those movies bug me. The concept is supposed to be so deep and enlightened. But I can pretty much guarentee that we really are alive. If we were held in human tupperware storage someplace being brainwashed to be happy, there'd be more sex and fewer compromises.

I get the moral of those stories - that essentially we're all living our lives like brainwashed pods, not even realizing we're no longer autonomous beings. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yawn. People should focus on creating change within and around themselves instead of searching high and low for The Man Behind the Curtain. Society has to have structures - that's the definition of society. We're not helpless or powerless, we're just moderately constrained, like every other animal, by the will of our collective pack.