Consider this your warning

Never jaywalk in Harvard Square.

Today J and I ran a bunch of errands: dry cleaners, CVS, Gap, Barnes & Noble. We ended with Blockbuster and the sushi case at Wholefoods - you can guess what our evening is going to look like. At one point this afternoon as we were driving around town, we were making a right turn on a green arrow when some pedestrians strolled across the street in front of us. They didn't have the walk signal, they had the red-hand-stop signal, so technically they weren't supposed to be going. J showed no signs of slowing down as we careened toward the family of four and they hurried to cross the street, parents grabbing their children's hands and breaking into a run.

"I hate it when people cross at this corner when they don't have a walk signal! It's so annoying! I don't slow down, because I'm trying to teach them that it's not their turn," J explained.

I didn't say anything.

"It drives me crazy. They mess up traffic. Sometimes I even speed up."

I bit my lip, but still kept my mouth shut.

"One of these days I'm probably going to kill someone, but it's the principle..."

This statement hung in the air for a minute.

"I guess it's not worth all the hassle of taking out a pedestrian just to prove a point."

I figured staying silent throughtout this one-man debate was my best strategy. Eventually rationality would win out.

"But one dead body would probably send a really strong message..."

I forgot. J has her own brand of rationality.