Elle is for "Loser"

These are a few of the things I accomplished today:

  • locked myself out of my house
  • drove the wrong way out of a one-way exit for Cub foods and was stuck there, on the side of the median not meant for people in cars pointing my direction, while everyone else honked
  • burned my pinky and middle fingers (why can't I cook without burning myself???)
  • got rejected for a job I was really interested in (didn't even get the chance to interview!)
I feel like a loser. No one wants to hire me for jobs outside of my previous career track. It's like my transferable skills won't transfer. I hate not having a job, and what I hate most is being completely overqualified for positions I don't even qualify for.

Tonight I found out about my pre-rejection rejection right before we were scheduled to entertain for dinner, and I cried all the way through my shower as I got cleaned up before our friends' arrival. Thankfully my planned menu went smoothly (this was only the second time I've ever cooked scallops), and we had a nice evening despite my puffy eyes and bruised ego.

Now it's almost midnight here, and I hope tomorrow I won't feel like such a waste of space.



Crys :D said...

I'm sorry. On the bright side, things can only get better. not getting that job only means that there is an even better one around the corner. I promise. Last year, this time, I had just gotten my third rejection letter from the last university I applied to do my masters at, I had continued to get the prerejection letters to the thousands of jobs I had applied for, and I was on the verge of breakdown, daily. But one day, I met a woman who took a chance on me, and in a matter of hours, my life changed. You live in the land of opportunity :D

so. i know you're feeling sorry for yourself right now, but please don't. if i can offer you anything, it's the advice that years of federal govt applications has given me - tailor each resume to the job description. whatever they've written, echo it in your application. usually the hr ppl have checklists. you just have to demonstrate how your previous experience makes you the best candidate for this job.

you can do it!

p.s. i know i needed to train more for that stupid bike ride. *sigh* I just thought that, as a spinning instructor, i was invincible. (I was wrong!)

11:00 AM
Bob said...

...and you have "blog" friends who would never agree that you are a loser.

6:42 PM