High tailin' it in the garden

I couldn't wait to post these pictures!!! This evening Hubs and I took our first foray into the gardening world. I dug up one of the three flower beds in the front of the house and we planted some flowers that we'd bought a while ago at the farmers market. When we were done, I ran inside to grab the camera so I could snap a photo or two. As I came back out the front door, a flurry of furry activity in another flower bed startled me. I had no idea what it was, but flowers and plants were gently moving and there was a lot of rustling and a few streaks of... something? Turns out, we'd frightened a mama bunny and her babies! She took off across the yard, and the baby bunnies took cover. You wouldn't think bunnies are naturals when it comes to camouflage, but it took us a while to pick them out with our eyes.

There were a total of four baby bunnies in various position in the flower bed!!!

They didn't budge an inch for over two hours. Not even their ears moved! Or their little feet.

This lil' guy was my favorite. 'If I can't see them, they can't see me. If I can't see them, they can't see me. If I can't see them...'

I was actually afraid he might be stuck.

Finally (as of the last sighting) they'd broken their original formation and had all gathered together in one spot in the flower bed, but no mama bunny had collected them yet. Hubs and I finally stopped checking on them since we figured we were only further delaying the mama bunny's return.

I asked Hubs if we can keep the baby bunnies if they're still there, abandoned, tomorrow morning. He said they won't still be there, he's sure. But if they are, I'm pretty sure his response can be interpreted as a yes.



Anonymous said...


There is nothing cuter than a baby bunny.

10:55 AM
Bob said...

Did you see that much wildlife in Boston? I mean fauna, NOT the bar scene! ha ha ha---bob

12:38 PM
Bob said...

did you get my email about my other blogsite and my daughters?

10:00 AM