Footprints left behind

On our carpet and in our hearts.

Hero went home today.

And he is very missed.

Where does that leave the great puppy debate? Not sure. We'll see how we settle into life without the constant presence (and harassment) of a pooch.

As for our furry fiend (I mean friend): howl on.



Bob said...

As for the debate...if I may put my two cents in, if you get a young puppy to raise as your own, you will be able to teach him YOUR way of life. Dogs love to please their people. That doesn't mean they won't express their own will. But dogs have different personalities as people do.

This may sound odd, but while holding my 10 minute old daughter, I knew instantly that I loved her enough to die for her. But my thought was, "Will I like her?" Then I decided the type of person she grows into is up to me and her mom. A puppy will grow into the dog you raise it to be.

I hope this doesn't obfuscate the issue.

11:32 PM
Trish said...


It's so hard to let something that sweet go.

10:07 AM