Despite what the previous post might lead you to believe (who knew Hero could blog? I turn my back on him for two seconds...), Hero and I have actually had a lovely day together. No screaming like a banshee on my part, no puppy temper tantrums on his. All day I've preemptively praised him and given him continued bursts of attention to keep him from misbehaving, and so far it's worked! He's been a little angel, and as a consequence I've spent more time interacting with him, which only makes him happier.

I'm glad we're ending on this note before Hubs comes home. Last night I was practically in tears when I debriefed Hubs on our horrible day. I felt so frustrated with Hero, and like such a failure myself. But now I feel much better. So far... we'll see if I follow this post up with a retraction later tonight...

On a totally unrelated note, I talked with my previous boss Pow today for about an hour. It was so great to hear her voice. I miss her, and the rest of my work crew as well. *Sigh* But, I may do some consulting in the form of training for her this fall, so a return to Boston could be in my near future.