Bullet points probably not really worthy of the bullets

I feel a bit scattered and sleepy since my favorite furry pal has been up since 4:30am. Thus, so have I. Hero's staying on with us through the weekend, so our puppy sitting adventure has been extended. I'll just summarize a little bit of what's going on for us:

  • Hubs is at a conference in Philadelphia through early Saturday morning, so I'm alone for the first time in our house! Scary. Thankfully I have Hero, who is nothing if not a fluffy protector (sarcasm, in case you didn't pick up on it).
  • Hero has perhaps influenced our decision to get a puppy. In that we no longer feel certain that we want to get a puppy. We adore Hero, and as puppies go he's probably a pretty easy one. He's hypoallergenic, which means he has no dander, doesn't shed, and doesn't smell like a dog. So the clean up is just a result of his sometimes muddy paws. He's got a great disposition, but he's willful and very high energy. The thing is, Hubs and I kind of want to enjoy some us time before we start our family, and our window for that is getting smaller and smaller. A puppy would effectively shut it.
  • My mission lately is to tire Hero out. I do this with either incredibly long walks (but not so long that I end up carrying him home because he punks out halfway through - been there, done that, not enjoyable) or runs. The running really takes the evil energy out of him, but some days my legs are just too tired to run.
  • It's been great watching Hubs with Hero. Essentially, this is the first time we've really seen one another in action taking care of something that's not us. Hero is, if I do say so myself, well cared for and really thriving. That's one thought on the pro side of getting a puppy: we seem to be pretty good at nurturing one. He gets more and more comfortable in the house every day, which usually is revealed through his increasingly willful and "bad" behavior. But I think those are good signs - he eats better, poops and pees better, doesn't need to have me in his sights at all times anymore (that ones a little bittersweet). He fights me when I wash his little face and brush him at night. He barks at me when he wants something. Anyway, back to Hubs: we're so different with Hero but we seem to compliment one another's style. I'm more business: is he walked, fed, cleaned, behaving? Is his pen comfortable, does he have what he needs? Hubs tends more to Hero's spiritual and emotional wellbeing: he plays with Hero, hugs Hero, verbally affirms Hero, gives him treats, gives him plenty of attention, stops whatever he's doing to acknowledge Hero. Together, it works. Hero gets Hubs' patience and my practical care. I have a feeling this is how we'll be with our kids. One thing I'm learning about Hubs: SOFTY. I mean, wow. SOFTY. Seriously, though, I was always pretty certain he'd be a wonderful dad to our kids, and now I'm 100% on that.
  • The small garden area we planted is growing! I'll take pictures once it looks a little further along, but I'm happy to say that some plants I'd given up hope on are sprouting new leaves! I dug up the second garden (of three), but have yet to plant anything there. I might dig up the third one before stocking up on more plants and flowers.
  • The bunnies left the garden - I guess I forgot to mention that. They were there about three days or so before they vacated the premises. We'd done some research and learned that their mom may have left them to be on their own, and that people often make the mistake of interfering with baby bunnies who don't need any help. It took them a little while, but they eventually found their way (I don't know where to, but some place other than our garden).
  • I really want to see the new Batman movie. I'm not sure when we'll have time. We are so busy, but remember how I used to whine about how busy we were in Boston? This doesn't feel like that kind of busy. It feels like a happier, calmer busy. And one I don't mind as much because most of the work I'm doing is for me, us, or our home. Speaking of busy, job searching is... coming along. We'll see what the next few weeks bring - they'd better bring some call backs if they know what's good for them!
  • My family is back from Germany! Whew. I can call them all the time now for stupid stuff. YAY!
I guess that's it - a bit boring when I see it in bullets. Oh well - all I got!



Jenny said...

Just some random thoughts from a reader!
- Laura? Really? I always though it was Elle.. Oh, I get it.. Like "L"... cute!
- Adorable pics of you and the hubby.. I especially liked the pic of your feet in Hawaii because I have a pic of me and my hubby's feet on our honeymoon in Hawaii almost 8 years ago!
- Love the fortune cookie pajama bottoms... so cute!
- Wait to have kids.. and then wait some more. We have a three year old beautiful little boy but we miss "our" time.. that goes away um, pretty much entirely when you have little ones!
- I really like you with dark hair, but you also pull off blonde well..I myself am constantly changing my hair color.. so much that my inlaws said they never know which Jen to expect.. dark and mysterious or blonde and bubbly. I would have been insulted but it's kind of true!

Health and happiness to you all!

4:50 PM
Bob said...

We waited 5 years for our first child,another 5 for the second. Our reasoning was to give us time to learn and know each other, then to give us 5 years to be with our daughter. We figured by then, we could prepare her for her sibling(brother) and there would be fewer jealousys. It worked! The are very close.
And about you and Hubs being different in your handling of Hero, I remember a line from "Honey, I shrunk the kids"...wife says, "Moms are for business, dads are for fun." I think it's about right.
And I LOVE Hub's GHIA!!!---Bob

9:57 PM
Kelli said...

Just a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed your bullets. Coming home after a day trapped in my own life, it is nice to look into someone else's for a change and learn to appreciate the day-to-day again.

Hero doesn't smell like a dog? How awesome is that?

8:46 PM