Hero is a very sweet puppy. For one thing, he's become quickly and ridiculously attached to us. And even more so to me, because I was the one to first inherit him yesterday morning while Hubs was at work. Also, I like to think, because we're wicked fun and take exceptionally good care of him. But as I write this, Hubs is in the shower and Hero runs loyally from the study up the stairs to the bathroom and back again to keep his eyes on both of us.



Bob said...

I truly believe dogs know who likes them right off! That dog feels totally at ease with you and yes, they can be a lot of work. It's like having a baby. Really. they demand a certain amount of attention and will do whatever it takes (even negative attention is attention). Once they realize you will give them attention...they have you in their power! They know how to train humans!.--Bob

11:56 PM