Sometimes I'm not sure who's dumber

This was my interaction with Karen, our navigation system, today as I took our new Jetta in to get a burnt out bulb in the taillight replaced (apparently Karen isn't very familiar with the St. Louis Park area):

"Turn right on County Route 25, then turn left."

"County Route 25 doesn't go left!" I turn right.

"Recalculating. Turn right onto MN 100 North."

"MN 100 North is a left turn!"

"Recalculating. In .2 miles, turn right onto Parkside Drive."

"There is no right turn in .2 miles! Karen, you are SO clueless."

Luckily, we just happen to drive right toward the Luther dealership as I'm ignoring her really bad directions. We've been driving around for about an hour now. As I pull up toward the entrance: "Recalculating. There is a better route available."


Karen sure knows how to push my buttons.



Kelli said...

I picture Karen as a telecommuter sitting on the couch with a map. She could possibly be outsourced from India.

Or maybe today she was drinking on the job....

7:04 PM
Bob said...

Maybe your navigator isn't named Karen and she's annoyed you keep calling her that. I'm guessing that for a Jetta, her name is Brunhilde, or Gabriele, or Inge, or Marlene. You could threaten to get a Freidrich navigator if she doesn't straighten up.

7:20 PM
Kelli said...

Hey! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I appreciate you linking to it as well. That's awesome! I just happened to be poking around in the comments and see that you commented several days ago as well. I really need to get comments sent to my email so I can keep up w/ the world....

9:28 PM