A blogger who hasn't been blogging

This week has been stressful. With my family's impending visit, Hero's boot camp, and my job search life has been busy. Each day seems like a never ending to do list of errands and projects. Not to mention that our computer crashed, which in and of itself took 3 days to sort out.

I'll try to sum things up with bullets, because my brain is too scattered for much else.

  • Hero: Hero's been doing really well! He's like a whole different dog now that he's got some basic training under his belt. We've come to realize he's dealt with some bad stuff in the past (not pointing fingers here, but clearly he had some major trust issues that didn't stem from us). He's really thriving in our home, and has become an attentive, affectionate, lovable pooch. It's such a great feeling to bond with him. Our relationship grows stronger every day. The training is $ and very time consuming, but well worth it.
  • Job stuff: This economy blows. That pretty much covers that.
  • Life stuff: Two of my cousins just announced their pregnancies. I'm not okay with it, even though I thought I was totally okay with the whole baby on hold business! I haven't been able to bring myself to respond to their emails, even though I know that's horrible! I just need to muster a little more positive energy before I can pass along genuine congratulations.
  • House stuff: Hubs is letting me move forward with my plan to replace the dining room carpet with the same flooring that's in the kitchen and front hall - I'm so excited! I hate that stupid carpet. It's the one part of the house I'm desperate to overhaul. I ordered flooring that I'm 99% sure is a match, and my stepfather Jack has agreed to work on the project with me while he and my mom are here! (Jack and I will be replacing outside lights, fixing toilets, hanging window treatments, etc. - he's easily bored and very handy, which = lots of fun house projects!)
  • Thanksgiving: My mom and Jack arrive tomorrow. My sister, brother-in-law and two little nieces arrive Saturday. And Mookie comes to town next Wednesday. I can't wait to have my family here. Hubs is a saint for allowing them to descend upon us for two weeks straight.

I'm off to fold some laundry, but I'm definitely going to try to catch up on my blog reads as soon as possible! I miss hearing about everyone's life adventures :)



Anonymous said...

You sound busy! Glad things are going well!

3:36 PM
Casey said...

Sorry your cousin's pregnancies are upsetting. When we were having trouble getting pregnant, everybody and their mother got preggo with no problem and it felt like they were rubbing our faces in it.
TWO weeks of company? Have fun, it sounds like you guys get along great so hopefully there won't be any drama. And WOO HOO on the floors. Can you have him talk to my husband?

6:24 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

It sounds like you've got a lot going on--Hang in there, hopefully things will settle soon.

I'm sorry about the recent pregnancy news--I understand how hard it must me to deal with right now. ((HUGS))

6:40 PM
~Jennifer~ said...

Oh wow! You are brave! Two weeks of company is crazy, girl! That will be loads of fun though and it's nice to have handy people around- especially those ones that like to stay busy.

And I know you've missed reading about people's lives and I for one have missed reading about yours.

Things will look up and get better. The economy included. Just hold your head up, know that you're beautiful inside and out!

6:57 PM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Welcome back! Sounds like it's been crazy busy. It was nice to catch up.

8:11 PM
DeeMarie said...

Hero- Woo hoo!! I'm so glad he's becoming an even more adorable pooch!!
Job- Ugh!! Pulling for you, girl!!
Life- I can't imagine. Take the time you need. Hugs.
House- FUN!! You are so helping me fix up my place!!!
Thanksgiving- What a wonderful treat!! Enjoy your time with your family. :)

7:24 AM
calicobebop said...

Wow! Busy, busy, busy! It's that time of year again! I'm so jealous that you get to replace your carpet. I hate my carpet but haven't gotten around to doing anything about it. :) Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family!

8:12 AM
HeatherPride said...

So proud of Hero!! And sorry for the baby bombs... I really and truly am hoping for good news to come your way as soon as you are ready for it. AND, few things give me satisfaction like fixing up my house!! Right on!

12:50 PM
In Due Time said...

Woman, Woman, Woman! You change blogs more than I change my underwear! HA!

Love the new layout, sorry I suck so bad!!

7:11 PM
Crys :D said...

you need to blog about all your renoventures. how exciting.

i hope you can still update when your fam is around :)

7:59 AM
Michele said...

Found you over at DeeMarie's

You're looking forward to 2 weeks of family? My mom & stepdad are coming for 5 days at Christmas and I'm already traumatized.

2:17 PM
Anndi said...

Found you via DeeMarie's also, well technically, I read about you so I decided to stop by.

Taking obedience classes with a dog is hard work but worth it in the end. Good luck!

Ripping carpet up is therapeutic, enjoy!

3:49 PM