Hawaii: across the pond

Oh, wait, that's England.

The resort we stayed at in Kauai had a great pond. Ordinarily one might just walk over the bridge on the resort property without even noticing the pond, but when you're stuck close to home because of flash flood warnings you tend to take in your environment a little more thoroughly.

They had a fish food dispense nearby, and for a quarter you could buy a cup of fish food. We used the fish food to lure the gigantic, ugly fish to the surface so we could make fun of how ugly they were. The pond became one of our favorite places. Usually fish don't interest me very much. But these fish were like freakishly overgrown gold fish. It's like they were caught somewhere between ocean fish and fishbowl fish.

I've never really been into birds either. Not that I don't like them, I just don't find them intriguing. Yeah, okay, I don't like them. But these birds were kind of cute. And not so skittish, like most normal birds are. These birds would eat right out of our hands!