Hawaii: the beginning

In the spirit of rewinding, I've finally got my hands on our honeymoon pictures. Husband is a GREAT family historian, and I appreciate that about him. But it often takes me a while to get the pictures from his camera onto my computer. Hence the delays.

We took a million pictures throughout our time in Hawaii, so I'll break it down by general location/activity and I'll try to start at the beginning. This group is from our condo in Kauai. It's where we spent the first 5 days of our honeymoon.

Just to give you a little background, it rained every day that we were in Kauai. Often times the rain (you could accurately call it a downpour) didn't start until the mid afternoon, so we were able to have a few adventures in the mornings. It was our honeymoon, so of course we still did lots of stuff and had a great time.

But the people in Kauai kept saying, "This is SO unusual," whenever we'd ask them if this type of (crappy) weather was typical. After about the fifth time we heard this response (perhaps after we'd run through the massive puddles to arrive, soaking wet, at the concierge desk to check out a bad movie on dvd while in Hawaii on our honeymoon), my cabin fever started to make me a little pissy. "Sorry the weather is abysmal, it's so unusual, aloha!" Aloha my *ss. Show us some goddamn sunshine and I'll toss you a "mahalo!"

After about 16 hours of travel we arrived at our condo/resort on Kauai at around 8pm. We couldn't decide if we should just go straight to bed or go out to get something to eat (since it'd been hours since we'd eaten lunch). Our hunger won out, and we went to a cute outdoor restaurant and ordered some appetizers for a light meal. We chose calamari to start. I love calamari, but I've only ever had calamari rings. I can't handle the calamari that's shaped like little tentacles, so I never eat those (especially because Husband is usually wiggling his fingers at me in imitation of a squid). Sadly for me, our calamari came to the table in the form of calamari strips. Broadening your horizons is a tiring business. I was trying to be a trooper, but as you may be able to tell from the look on my face it's debatable how successful I was.

This funny little statue was beside us while we ate! It had friends, but I won't post all of those pictures.

You can see our condo nestled in the trees on the shore.

This was our view - we had a balcony overlooking the beach. If the weather had been better I'm sure we would have spent hours here enjoying the sand and sun.

A view of the ocean from the rockier part of the shore.

Little did we know we would go on to see many totems like this one throughout our time on both islands. I'm not sure the story behind them... but they always look a little, how to describe it... grrrrrrrrrrr. Or maybe even more like GRRRRRRRRRR.