Oh bother

I alluded earlier to our new budget. Things for me are looking BAD. My discretionary funds (the allowance Husband and I are each alloted per month for personal spending) is liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle.

When I originally made out our budget, I had incorporated into our monthly spending things like Starbucks, my swanky gym, my highlights, etc. You know, routine maintenance expenses. Upon closer inspection, Husband pointed out his concern with my proposal: I had included all my personal spending into our joint budget, rather than using my discretionary funds for those things which are not necessary to our household. I stuck out my lower lip and did the math in my head. (Yeah, that took a while.) Then I looked over at him piteously and whined, "But my discretionary funds aren't big enough to cover all of that stuff, let alone have money left over for unnecessary FUN stuff!"

"It's all about choices," Husband calmly pointed out. "Do you need all those things? The gym and the Starbucks?"

I knew the correct answer was no, but I couldn't say it like I meant it. Instead I said it more like, "No?" which wasn't an answer. I know I don't need those things. But when I try to cut one of them out, my world goes all wonky.



Scotty said...

Are you guys saving for something?

5:32 PM