Hawaii: some unexpected friends along the way

The day we flew out of Kauai and over to the Big Island, we did some waterfall sight seeing before we left. The waterfalls in Kauai are beautiful and there are quite a lot of them. We went to three, I think, before we decided we were done with that.

These guys were riding around with no helmets (although they did have very funny hats) on a road that often narrowed down to just one lane for both directions of traffic.

This was our jeep! Surprisingly, despite the weather we managed to get the roof off a couple of times while we were on Kauai.

Waterfall #2 or #3, I can't remember which. I didn't care, I was just happy to have my Starbucks.

This sign was pretty clear - danger. Check out the feathery daredevil in the background.


Throughout our trip I definitely got braver and overcame some of my fears. (Although, as I mentioned earlier, I picked up a replacement here and there). But I also developed an appreciation for several animals or sea creatures that I hadn't ever had before. Not that I'd hated them (except maybe the birds), but that I never saw the big deal about them. One of those animals is the horse. I never disliked them, but I also never really got the appeal. After spending a few minutes with this guy, though, I had a change of heart. We found him on some land near the road as we were driving back from the waterfall. I think he was lonely.