What kind of operation are you running?

So I have to take that class for my credentialing exam during the winter session at WSC. I received a letter from them a while ago, confirming my registration in the course and providing me with my login and pin for the college online system. I've logged in periodically, but haven't found any information posted about the course. I've been waiting for another letter telling me where to go, where to park, confirming the dates/times, etc. and what text to buy.

The class starts Saturday. Realizing that it's Wednesday and no such letter is likely in the mail, I called the grad studies office to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything. The woman who answered the phone seemed annoyed that I was calling at all. When I explained to her that I hadn't received any information about textbooks, she said snidely, "There are no textbooks for online courses." Okaaaaaay. A, if there are no textbook for online courses what kind of instruction are you left with? Of course there are texts, so you can learn without the presence of a professor. Duh. B, this isn't an online course. When I pointed that last part out to her, she snapped, "You go to the college bookstore. You tell them your class and they tell you what books you need." Say wha?

Well, fair enough, that makes sense now that I think about it. And I'll even admit that I, as someone working in college administration, could have put it together. But this is a continuing education course! Most people taking continuing education courses have been out of the loop a little while, hence the continuing part. How were we all supposed to know how the textbook system at WSC works? Is WSC so beleaguered that they can't send out a letter? Or post relevant information online? Put it somewhere, for crying out loud.

I ordered the book but it won't get here in time for my class on Saturday. I hate not being prepared. I would probably try to blame someone else regardless, but in this instance I think I actually have a legitimate case for it not being my fault.