Intruder alert!

Down with intruders! Kick them to the curb and slam the door in their faces, this is a CLOSED circle! Chase them away! Throw stones at them! We're a fortress of exclusion! Out, out, damn intru... what's that? I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. Me???

Today I went to post a message to one of my college health list serves to get feedback on a program proposal. After sending off my posting, I immediately got this in response:

"You are not authorized to post to this list serve." And then a weird string of numbers and characters, like someone's automated message threw up on my inbox.

I got rejected? What? Why? I always post to this group. I belong in this group.

Ohhhhh, I know what's going on here. LC belonged in this group. LM is not recognized as a member. I am unrecognizable.

I was excited to change my name because my new name makes Husband and I family. But it's a little bit odd to spend so many years creating yourself, building your professional identity, only to become unrecognizable to the world overnight.