Look alive, people!

Today at work I said to a committee I chair "Boy, that Erica - there are no flies on her!" I was talking about a colleague who was not in the room. I had been impressed with her follow through on something. The group burst out laughing at my choice of phrase.

I can tell that I'm getting older by my willingness to use expressions I would never have used in my twenties. Like the above mentioned. Some of them are so appropriate though! I guess at this point in my life I'm just willing to be the dork. In fact, I often can't stop myself.

My students mercilessly make fun of me when I toss out a phrase they've never heard before or one that reminds them of their grandmother. But this committee is made up of my peers. A few of the people are older than me. I thought they'd expect a little variety in my remarks. A mental picture to help them really understand my point. The image of Erica moving SO FAST that not even flies can keep up with her!

But whatever. Laugh if you will.

As the meeting continued, the co-chair of the committee, J, was talking about the reaction of a faculty member to something. She told the group "He poo-pooed that idea, so I guess that's the end of that."

YESSSSSSSS! That's my girl. Poo-pooed? Even I don't say that.

But to my surprise, none of the other people in the room seemed to latch onto that odd bit of phraseology. I waited, but as J kept on talking I looked around the room in shock at the blank faces around me. Did that not register with anyone but me? "Helloooooooooo?" I interruped, not quite able to let it go. "Poo-pooed? She just said poo-pooed. Didn't you all hear that?" Groggy nods. "No one's going to give her a hard time about it? She said POO POOED! That's funny, right?" Come on folks. You have got to find THAT funny.

Some people in the group agreed with me and offered a little halfhearted mockery. But it's not the same when you have to point it out to everyone.