For New Year's Eve, Husband and I were unprepared. We had just gotten through a very hectic season. We'd organized Thanksgiving, our wedding, our honeymoon, Husband's birthday, and Christmas. We were organized out. So we celebrated with a few low key activities.

We headed to First Night on the Boston Common to walk around and see what the city had to offer us. We didn't want to move away from Boston (we don't know that we will, but we could) never having experienced it, and every New Year's prior we'd been someplace else.

Turns out we weren't missing much. The displays were odd, the entertainment was crap, and the weather was cold. We walked around mocking the event for a while, and then headed back upstairs once we ran out of clever criticisms. Below is some of what we stumbled across:

Wait a minute, I know I know! A Christmas tree! The only easily identifiable piece of the First Night display.

Ice sculpture. Beyond that, you got me.

I think this display was about recycling. I can't say for sure.

What the? Weird alien egg farm? Every once in a while a guy would come by and spray them with something that made them ooze white smoke.

The statue that changes colors one night of the year. Fun.

The band. They were really weird (which totally didn't fit in with the theme of First Night) and dressed in bizarre, slightly scary costumes (like giant birds, or something) and at one point in the show one of the guys dropped the f bomb in front of an audience filled with kids.

The view from the living room window in our apartment, where we were able to watch the fireworks with mugs of hot chocolate. Away from the freakiness outside below us.