Ringing in the New Year

Here are some pictures from our wedding! Yay!

The Old North Church sign. I tried to insert a picture of the steeple but it keeps going sideways.

I get to put my tux on in the Sunday School room!

I get to put my dress on in the room we usually have coffee and snacks in after services.

The boys.

You may kiss the bride.

The church was candle lit (you can see the candelabra but not the candles) - it was really beautiful.

More kisses! Hey, we're newlyweds, we can't help it!

Whew, I need a minute to catch my breath! Luckily, there are photographers around to shoot a picture of my odd posture.

My bouquet, which I unceremoniously handed off to my sister and never held again. Flowers have never been a big thing for me. It's pretty though.

Dude, we got hitched. It's freezing in this church!

After the ceremony, guests walked through the cobblestone courtyard (past the statue of Paul Revere's ride) to the trolleys.

The trolleys that transported guests to the church and then to the reception.

The reception site (except this picture is of the Exchange Conference Center during the day, and our reception was, of course, at night). Our photographers didn't get a good picture of the outside of the building though, probably because it was so cold they weren't willing to stay out there very long to try!

We labeled all of the seating cards with stamps that had to do with wedding themes (hearts, champagne glasses, flowers, party hats) and gave each table a corresponding name.

Mr. and Mrs. Mac.

Our first dance.

Our cake. I tasted it only during the cake cutting, and tried to convince Husband to let me eat the top layer before we left for Hawaii but we ended up putting it in the freezer. People said the cake was good. I guess I'll find out in November 2008.

Many beautiful toasts.

Lots more dancing.

Sisters take a time out to survey the scene. Me, trying to drink some water even though my corset was so tight I could barely breathe.

I told my mother over Christmas, when she joked that she had handed me over to Husband, that she is not getting rid of me that easily... and I meant it. I'm a mama's girl through and through.

Yes, those are glow sticks. I'm telling you, this was one classy party :) The glow sticks were inspired by the menehune, who LOVE glow sticks and play with them all the time. We decided we love them too, and wanted to have them at our wedding reception.

End of the night. Tired bride. Glow stick zapped. Let's go back to the hotel.

Our dream wedding? You bet. Wouldn't trade it for the world.



Scotty said...

Wow! Looks like you and the Husband had an awesome time :)

12:07 PM
Crys :D said...

omg. Congratulations! Your dress is smokin'. Loves it. and your hair is really cute. :D

Happy New Year!

before you move, you need to post the best to-do things in Boston. Am going in April with The Boy when he runs the Marathon.

12:26 PM