Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your boyfriend

This past weekend when I went to Connecticut I took two of my students with me. I wasn't optimistic about how well my traveling companions would hold up. Weeks in advance of our departure they notified me that they would not be speaking to one another for the entire car ride, and would instead be listening to their separate iPods. Okaaaaaaaay. Whatever keeps the peace, kids. I've seen this many times before: the final stretch of the semester and they start to turn on each other.

Thankfully, things went down much more amicably than expected. For the most part, they managed to get along!

But to say there were no tense moments would be dishonest. A couple of times during the car ride there and back I had to tune out their bickering. One of these times C was making fun of L, calling her boyfriend from Taiwan a "pop star". I thought he was doing this because of how said boyfriend's hair looked in the cell phone photo L flashed us, and so I frowned. "C, don't be mean!"

Tonight I had a meeting with several students, among them L, and I found out that her boyfriend actually IS a Taiwanese pop star!!!! Who knew?

C, apparently. He's usually a smart ass, so I hadn't even considered the possibility that he was being literal.