If only I'd seen this coming...

Pun intended.

Our health insurance just added a Vision Plan. Among the things being partially covered is lasik surgery, effective April 1st. Now, it'd have been nice to get a heads up on that one, since we just bought a year's supply of my contact lenses at Costco. I'd been planning to have lasik surgery after the wedding, but things never seemed to slow down enough for me to set aside the necessary time and energy to do it. So I decided to put it off for a year. Little did I know I'd soon have the perfect opportunity.

Who doesn't advertise such a great addition to benefits IN ADVANCE? If I were HR I'd have started talking that up months ago.



Bob said...

days and days it seems without posting...then WHAM..several days in a row and I have to back pedal to catch up. have to admit though, i do the same thing. still, better than not posting at all and being left in the dark about my favorite eastcoast blogger--bob

10:12 AM