Um. Awkward.

Late last week a guy I work with (who isn't one of my biggest fans) was examining the plans for the summer construction at the Center. As my boss walked him around pointing out where things would be added or altered, she said, "And here's where my office will be, and next to that, Elle's."

The guy responded with, "If she's here. Her Husband is job hunting. Did you know that? She may not even be here in the fall."

My boss was a bit taken aback. She's known about our situation for a while, and is well aware that I've had a couple interviews and that Husband is currently in the final rounds of his own. So it wasn't news to her.

Even though she wasn't in the dark she couldn't help thinking, what if she had been? Why would he say that? How did he even become privy to the information? She told me she had considered replying, "Oh my God, I had no idea!" but then thought better of it. Instead she gave him a very logical response: "Well, regardless of whether or not Elle is in it, we're still going to go ahead and build the office." Duh. Obviously they'll hire someone new, it's not like my entire position with the college will go poof when I resign. Although that would be a nice gesture to commemorate the fact that I'm irreplaceable :)

Back to my point, though, what poor taste! Who does that? A person leaving their job isn't something you gossip about! You don't go telling their boss. You wait for them to share that information themselves, when the timing is right. If I hadn't yet talked to Pow about it, what a crap position he would have landed me in! It's an act of sabotage, really. One might almost think he hates me.

Oh. Wait. Actually as I write this out it makes much more sense. He does hate me. That's who does that. The people who pass you in the hallway with a fake smile, quietly fantasizing about how gooey it would be if they squished your little head until it pops.

So really he's very calculating, not very stupid. Same end result but more respectable.