After climbing out of bed this morning I stood disoriented in the bathroom, wiping sleep from my eyes as my brain struggled to process the situation. Something's not right here... don't tell me... I'll get it in a minute...

Turns out our shower was broken. The water wouldn't come out of the shower head, it would only come out of the faucet part.

What made this even more interesting is that I'd taken a legitimate bath last night and covered myself in baby oil afterward because my skin has been super dry lately. Which meant that when I first crouched down in the tub and started ineffectively splashing water at myself it just beaded up on my still slimy body. Fabulous. What's the best way to shower with no shower? Horizontally, clearly. But how awkward.

I arrived at our staff meeting this morning all look-at-what-the-cat-dragged-in sloppy, with exfoliating pearls from my shower gel stuck in my hair and a general sort of sogginess all over, like nothing had washed out properly.

Husband called in the plumber and all is now fixed. But still. Un. Lucky.