I spent this weekend at a conference in Connecticut which I helped to plan and run. If you've ever been involved in the orchestration of a conference I'm sure you can relate when I say it's a nauseating, thankless job.

Now that I'm home again, all of the uncertainty of our future hits me full force. I can't hide behind key note speakers, awards selections, or round table discussion topics. WHAT'S NEXT? Husband has been short-listed for a position and we're starting to think about campus interviews, house hunting, and relocation realities. At the same time in our day to day life we're unable to commit to anything because we don't know if and when Husband will be jumping on a plane. I've been in a non-stop state of maximum stress for weeks now, and I'm so tired. I want answers, and at the same time I'm terrified that we'll soon be getting them.

And to make matters worse, we still haven't done our taxes. Not much uncertainty there, unfortunately. We'll be writing Uncle Sam a check this year, and we pretty much know that for a fact.