Still applying bandaids

Last night while talking to my mom on the phone I thought about how lucky I am to have her in my life. I've always been a relatively trusting person, and I know it's because I could always trust my family to have my best interest at heart. You know that stupid Snapple commercial for the antioxidant-infused water, where the guy's in this world full of protective bubble wrap? That's the world I grew up in, and while at times it makes disappointments harder to take or not getting what I want more difficult to swallow, it also makes me that much steadier. I know that I'm never alone.

My mom is an intensive care nurse, so I also depend on her for her medical expertise and sound German practicality. I often ask her if she's sure I'm not dying. She is. Thankfully, she never overreacts. Which means, of course, that when she actually is worried about something, you're screwed. But even then she's calm and strong.

We're not considering New Jersey for relocation, only because it doesn't really have what we're looking for geographically and I don't know how much longer my parents will stay there. I have a feeling my mom is about to start bi-continental living any day now. Which I'd fully support - she has seven siblings in Germany, all of whom have kids and grandkids. It's her home, and she's happy there. But I'd love nothing more than to have my mom right next door. So wherever we move, we'll make sure to buy a house with plenty of spare rooms. I want my mom to visit as often as possible. She's good for my soul.



Anonymous said...

I am sure you must know how blessed you are to have such a wonderful relationship with your mother. Not many women can say that.

1:09 PM