Looking forward to not looking ahead

If only for a short, self-granted reprieve.

My interview with the Mayo went much better than my Austin interview. Which I guess isn't saying very much, so maybe I should expound on that: in addition to the Mayo interview not sucking more than anything on the entire planet could possibly suck, it actually went quite well.

Right now I'm taking a study break as I prepare for my stupid exam. After my exam is over I want to go out and get drunk, but Husband flies to Minneapolis the following morning and I'd like to remember my last night with him before he leaves for four long days.

I don't actually want to go out and get drunk. But I do want to turn my brain off completely for as long as possible. Once Husband is air bound, I plan to stock the freezer with ice cream and the cabinet with those Betty Crocker microwavable desserts and watch the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the couch in my most comfortable worn out pjs. I may go to work while Husband is away, but I can't promise that since it would require me getting dressed.

Of course I'll be missing Husband terribly throughout this mind numbing, sugar coma-inducing decompression marathon. It's the longest we've been apart since we got married, and I kind of prefer having him around. Even if that means I'd have to share the snacks.