The best laid plans

Yesterday evening Husband and I had dinner in the North End at the same restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner. His parents had given me a gift certificate for one last meal there for my birthday. Over wine, we started talking about what we should do with all of our newfound space. (Seeing as we're going from 700 square feet to 2700.) The big question on the table is this: do we leave the two designated "kids" rooms empty for now, use them for something else, or just go ahead and set them up for the kids? The tricky thing about the kids, as you know, is that we don't currently have any. Just plans. And plans alone don't fill a nursery.

And I'm optimistic. But to be fair, things don't always work out. I have to acknowledge that we might not get pregnant. Or if we do, it might not be right away or on our predicted timeline. And then what? We avoid walking into two empty rooms for years?

At the same time, we don't want to invest in a lot of expensive furniture to create rooms we'll eventually (if all does go according to plan) just have to turn into rooms for tots.

You see our dilemma?

I feel like we should turn them into something else for now (what, I don't really know, since we already have office and studio space elsewhere in the house) but just keep in mind that those rooms will eventually need to be re-designated.

I was talking to C today and she thought we should just leave the rooms empty. It would be less work in the long run. She's right, but I'm still not sure it's a good way to go. Expectation - especially when it's physically represented by say, oh, completely dead space - stifles. And life... well, let's just say life has a way of throwing curve balls.



Bob said...

how about making one of them a workout/gym? it wouldn't have to involve a lot of equipment and would be easy to transform into that "surprise"! nursery that is bound to happen as soon as you lay the first exercise mat down!

11:58 PM