Ready, set...

Last night we started our official move countdown - we haul out on the 19th. We have each agreed to pack for one hour a day until our move date. Last night I packed up my books and Husband packed up some sweaters.

We've rented our moving truck and solidified our plans. J and A have graciously agreed to let us park the truck overnight at their place, so we'll load it up Wednesday and drop it off in Winchester and then drive out to Winchester Thursday morning to start the journey (we have no parking in downtown Boston, so our only option is to pack up the truck and immediately hit the road or enlist the help (and/or driveways) of friends). Mookie is flying in from Missouri to help us make the three day trek from Boston to our new home in Champlin, Minnesota.

On our way to Minnesota we'll be able to detour through Cincinnati to see Husband's art in a show! His work will be displayed in the Manifest Gallery as part of the Magnitude 7 exhibit. Works from the exhibit cycle through the home page of the gallery, so you can see it if you wait for a while - it's the lollipop.

Our weekend was productive but fun. On Friday I saw the Sex and the City movie (good, but sadder than expected) and caught up with some friends I haven't seen in a while. Saturday I finally dropped off my wedding dress to be professionally cleaned and ran some errands in Arlington, and then took a very long nap (the anti-anxiety meds are working wonderfully but the nausea and exhaustion are truly starting to SUCK). (And no, I'm not pregnant - I promise.) After I regained consciousness I did some good work on my resume. Sunday we went to a surprise birthday party for J. We ate some yummy food and watched a bunch of kids whack the sh*t out of a piƱata for a what felt like ages (plastic bat, need I say more?). Ironically, we were the only couple there without progeny, and were also the only couple who ended up breaking a sweat running around the front yard, flailing our arms and yelling, "I'm going to get you!". What can I say? Husband and I ROCK at tag.