Places we hide

Last night after two intense hours of packing (this one hour plan is genius - teach me to skip a night - two hours crosses some sort of invisible line into hellish!) Husband and I watched Lars and the Real Girl. We had planned to walk down to the dock on the Charles River and have a picnic dinner, but yours truly ducked out. In my defense, I'd just finished some serious closet dismantling. Of course, had I known today would be wet, cold and miserable I would have pushed though. I wasn't aware that the 80 degree temps and warm sunshine were of such limited supply.

But the movie was fantastic - if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. Ryan Gosling is perfect. And the story is just so sweet. It totally tugs at your heart strings. I can relate to Lars. At its premise the movie seems ridiculous, but it isn't. I think it speaks to most of us. As an introvert, I'm only a few scraps of sanity away from entering into my own fantasy world fulltime, rather than just for a scant five minutes before I drift off to sleep at night. Give me a trauma or take away all things good in my reality, and it could happen.