From there to here

We just hooked up Husband's computer in our study (I have no desk and no computer as of yet, hoping to rectify that with a trip to Target and an iBook), so I figured I'd write a quick post. I took a bunch of pictures of the inside of the house (in all its boxes-piled-to-ceilings glory) and will upload those soon. But here's the short, I'm-exhausted-and-sleep-deprived update: getting out of Boston was hellish, the drive to Minnesota was loooooooong, I drove the truck!, the house is great, someone hit our car, and we're in the midst of major furniture/second car hunting right now, on top of unpacking. Mookie just flew back to Missouri this afternoon, and it's been a happy barrage of family and friends for over a week straight (when you count all the lovely souls who showed up in Boston to help us load the truck - truly generous of them given the unpleasantness of the project).

Anyway, I'm so tired I can barely see straight. Minnesota is thus far a HUGE adjustment but a very positive one. I think we made a good choice coming here - I love it already. More soon!



Anonymous said...

So glad things are off to a good start!

9:20 AM