So many goodbyes

When I think of our time in Boston, I'll look back very fondly on our tiny downtown apartment on the Common. True, it was a cramped 700 square feet. But it was cozy, and it was where we officially started our lives together. So I can remember it properly, I've taken some photos. Keep in mind, however, that I'm a very neat person and a good housekeeper - we're just in the midst of moving, and so our entire place is a shambles. So subtract the boxes and stacks of random shit everywhere, and mentally insert some nice decoration :) It used to look like a home, honest...

Our livingroom was always one of my favorite places. (It didn't normally have a drying rack set up in the corner, or bubble wrap strewn across the coffee table!) I loved to sit on the couch and listen to all the city noises below, bathed in the red light glow from the Loews movie theater across the street.

This is another view of the living room. We didn't have two TVs set up there, but my parents gave us one a few weeks ago and we had nowhere else to put it.

Our dining room joined onto our living room (with the apartment being only 700 square feet, everything joined onto everything else!). When we first got our pub height table Husband thought I would hate it because my feet wouldn't touch the ground, but I actually loved it. I felt really high up!

Another view into dining room, from the living room. (Again, the drying rack wasn't a typical feature.) (Can you tell I'm totally embarrassed about the disaster that is the current state of our apartment!?)

I loved our kitchen, although it was tight. It was an galley kitchen, but Husband and I found it pretty easy to maneuver around one another.

This was our bedroom. It had a sailing theme. It was small too, but a great place to retreat at the end of a long day. I always found it cozy and charming.

This was our guest room. It was a mess. That's not just because we're moving - that shot is pretty true to everyday life.

This was Husband's studio! I think he'll miss this space. Hopefully he'll like his new studio space in our Minnesota home.

This was Husband's desk. It was also usually this messy. In fact, this is a view of it after most of it has been packed up, so this is the one shot where things are actually neater than they typically were!

This was my desk, but it's all cleaned off in this picture.

This was our entryway. It is now nothing but a maze of boxes.

And I don't think I wrote about the giant stack of boxes near the kitchen that fell over one night at 3am a week ago? Well, there it is, upright (for now) and looking unstable...

So anyway, this was our Boston home. I loved it here. I'll miss it a lot. Sometimes when I say that Husband looks so surprised, like he can't imagine I would prefer our current digs to our new spacious house. But I just loved it. Our new master bathroom has two sinks so we won't have to share, but I loved squishing in underneath Husband's arm to spit out my toothpaste while he was at the sink. Our new kitchen is enormous compared to this one, but I'll miss pushing past Husband to get what I need, or climbing on top of the cabinets to reach above the fridge.

From our apartment we walked or took the train pretty much everywhere we wanted to go, and for the most part left our car tucked away in the garage under the Common. Everything we wanted or needed has been in a mile radius. Every couple of weeks we drove to the grocery store, Costco, and Target, but in between if we needed something we walked up to the small grocer on Charles Street. I had my pick of Starbucks, all within one block. And work and my gym were within a block as well.

It's time to move on. But my memories are very fond. Our first apartment definitely has a huge spot in my heart.



Kelli said...

I absolutely love your apartment. It will be a huge change moving to a big house. I made the move from a studio apartment into a 3100 sq.ft. house and felt like I was swimming in every room--there were many times where I felt like I was vaccuming the airport!! It took longer to clean, but in time it became as cozy as the small apartment. Good luck on your new move and all of the wonderful memories you have yet to make in your new house!

9:53 PM