Whippet good!

Husband has decided we can have a Whippet!!! I'm not sure what factored into this change of heart. Could it have been the half hour of nonstop crying last night, to the point where all I could manage to get out over and over was "Nubink is goink my way! *Sniff* Nubink!" Cue new onslaught of big fat wet ones sliding down my puffy cheeks.

(Yeah, minor meltdown last night.)

Whatever his reasons, I'll take his generous compromise. I really want one. (They can run up to 35 miles per hour! And are very sweet and cuddly, though perhaps ever so slightly neurotic...)



Xbox4NappyRash said...

Are they the pups you are choosing from? or just an example?

They are really really beautiful, their colourings is magic.

(I followed you home by the way ;0) )

12:46 PM
Manic Mom said...

Cute puppies. Our neighbor has a whippet named Rocket. Very well natured dogs!

1:20 AM