Polar opposites

One thing Mookie mentioned, as we were walking the bike trail behind our house throughout our new neighborhood one evening, is that we really went from one end of the spectrum to the other. We left the epitome of urban living for the quintessential suburban environment. It's true: we're neck deep in the kind of life that's featured on Desperate Housewives, only not as ritzy, and with a lot less scandal. It's been a surprisingly easy adjustment. We did some grocery shopping at Cub Foods the other day and they had a blood pressure machine. My blood pressure has always been good, but lately it's so low I almost wonder how I'm standing. There's space everywhere, and a noticeable lack of crowds. I feel very calm.

Right now Husband is getting a hair cut (he starts work tomorrow) and I'm waiting for our family room (in the finished basement) furniture to get delivered. Because the door to the basement is very narrow, we've had a horrible time getting furniture that will fit but also meets our standards of "floppy", "deep", "squishy", and "big", since the family room will be home to the Movietron, our movie screen and projector. Cross your fingers for us that this one, which meets all our needs and comes in small enough sections that it should work, fits.

After that we need to continue our hunt for a second car, which is also proving challenging.

All in all things are good at this end. I found a job I'm interested in applying for so we'll how that goes. The family room furniture should be the last batch for now, thank God. And every day brings new adventures, a little progress on the learning curve, and a lot of weariness. We're looking forward to having some fun once we're settled!



Bob said...

Congratulations Elle and Hubby! I was wondering how you'd adjust to the different culture of East coast to Midwest. I think most people in the midwest have lower blood pressures than people on either coasts, but maybe that's just my prejudices showing. I'm looking forward to hearing of your new Midwest experiences.--Bob

8:37 PM
Bob said...

oh..and another thing, people will know you are from the east coast by your speech. Yes, you talk funny in Boston!

8:44 PM