While we were in NJ for Memorial Day, we spent some time at one of my childhood haunts: the old, washed up, closed to the public beach in Deal.

C, P and I used to ride our bikes out here and spend the day doing I don't even know what. But I remember it was always fun, and adventurous!

We also took a different kind of trip back in time while we were with my folks. My stepfather Jack got a new antique car to refurbish. He has an old Hudson that he's finished remodeling, so he picked up a 1930s Ford to keep him busy.

While we were visiting my parents in New Jersey Husband and I went for a ride in the rumbler seat. That black travel chest is the trunk - how cute! The rumbler seat folds up from what nowadays would be the trunk.

Jack was going to drop Husband and I off at the beach and my mom would pick us up later, but sadly the Ford started to backfire (I totally jumped out of my seat like I have gunshot PTSD or something - I am very easily startled). So we only ended up going the long way around the block. Not to worry, though - Jack later discovered it was driver error - he's still getting used to driving the Ford and apparently it's a pretty sensitive car.

Husband and I headed back up to Boston early on Memorial Day to avoid traffic, but Jack and my mom drove the Ford in the local parade.

I didn't write much about our trip to NJ. My parents are doing well - they're so happy. It was nice to see them. The weekend went quickly, but as always it was good to be home.