Barely hanging in

I can make it. It's just one more day of work and tomorrow I'm off.  I can do it.  Right?
Last night we met with a woman about in-home daycare but weren't thrilled.  The search continues, which is hardly unexpected but you always hope for a miracle - that perfect situation - early on so you don't have to go through the stress, legwork, and unease of the whole process.  No miracle yet.
My big plan for the weekend is to paint the nursery with my mom.  I am definitely feeling like things need to start getting done in preparation for this baby.  I feel behind already.  How did that happen?
Today is a really full workday, and a long and stressful one.  And tonight I have a church function, and then I can relax.  Finally, I can relax.  And hopefully make good use of the Lush bath ball that Hubs bought me in Florida.  It's supposed to be calming.
It's cold, and I'm so tired.  Life has been so busy lately.  It really does feel like a ride I want to get off of.  I want to sit a round out.  Preferably in the bathtub.



Melissa said...

Are you going to wait to find out whether it's a boy or a girl before you paint the nursery? Does the gender matter with your decorating scheme?
I'm excited to know whether it's a "pink" or a "blue"! :o) Of 5 pregnancies I know of, I've got the only girl...

3:55 PM
Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I spent the last 3 weeks of my twin pregnancy in the tub. Sounds like a good idea to me. Try to relax honey.


9:51 PM