Pushing limits

Today my commute into work took 1.5 hours, because of the snow. MORE snow. My zen approach to traffic is really being tested.

Plus I faced two horrible words this morning when opening a new package of tights (the only clean ones I have after a week of wearing skirts): control top. Those two words are no friend to a pregnant woman.

Which brings me to another point: maternity clothes. It's odd, but I'm very resistant to buying maternity pants. I'm okay with maternity tops, since I love the babydoll look anyway. But I'm definitely pushing it by continuing to wear my regular pants. I don't want to do the trick with the rubber band, or buy a belly band, so I'm just wearing the pants I own that have a little more give to begin with. About two-thirds of my pants won't button anymore.

What's kept me from ordering from Gap maternity this week is that I'm right at the point where all those Ann Taylor Loft skirts that hung unworn in the back of my closet for years because they were just a little bit too big are fitting perfectly. Score! Except, this means wearing tights. And it's hard to find tights that are comfortable. I guess I could always buy maternity tights - that doesn't seem as scary as maternity pants.

I know my days are numbered here - time is running out.



Melissa said...

I find maternity tights a TON more comfy than regular tights when my bump is growing...except for the seam that goes right up the middle. (sigh)
I resisted maternity pants for a long time, too. No rubber band or belly band works on me because while they may expand the waistband, they do NOT work at holding the pants up when you bend down and get back up! :o)
My favoritest maternity pants (especially for later on, when the belly is big and everything aches) are the Secret Fit Belly pants from Motherhood Maternity. I didn't want to spend the "extra" money, but they were SO incredibly comfortable that I wore them all the time. Now, if only they were as flattering as they are comfortable! :o)
Good luck making your regular wardrobe work!

11:20 AM
calicobebop said...

Ugh - the snow is a pain! I'm ready for it to go back where it came from.

Hopefully the maternity tights will be comfy and warm!

12:10 PM
Anonymous said...

Lady, GO BUY SOME MATERNITY PANTS. :) They are a slice of heaven, and I'm not kidding. I only ended up buying 2 pairs because I was able to wear my "normal" pants the entire pregnancy with the help of the belly band. But the maternity pants... oh it's like a sweet excuse to wear sweatpants to work. I got some at Target for $10. But I know there's the whole mental aspect to not wanting to buy bigger clothes/spend money on things you'll only wear for a few months. But trust me, they're amazing!

12:10 PM
one healthy mama said...

They have a cheaper version of the band at Target. Honestly, I loved loved loved mine. And they really come in handy after the baby, too...

7:03 PM