It's gotta be the accent

Funny thing about Hero and my mom:  Hero obeys my mom.  I'm guessing it's gotta be the German accent, because he really doesn't obey anyone else.  That, and the fact that without uttering a word or making a movement, my mom emits a very strong alpha signal.  While she's downstairs with him, the laundry basket is left full on the floor, her slippers rest by the sofa, her tea sits on the coffee table.  Hero doesn't touch a thing.  He might go near the laundry basket, but then he looks up at my mom who looks sternly at him and he instantly retreats.  Can you bottle that for us, please?
Hero is seriously loving my mom being here though.  For starters, it means he's not left alone during the day while I'm at work.  It also means he gets hours of indoor and outdoor ball tossing, and plenty of walks.  He's happy as a little clam.  Our guest bedroom is in the basement, and I wake up in the morning to find Hero waiting patiently by the basement door for my mom to come up.  Every once in a while he gives a little whimper.  "Hurry, Oma, I'm ready to play!"
It's so nice to know that Hero is happy while I'm away.  It takes a lot of guilt and stress off my shoulders.  I can't imagine how I'll leave a kid behind, when I can barely even manage to leave my dog without feeling like the most awful puppy parent in the world.



Bina said...

I need your mom at my house. The problem with my dog is, he doesn't do anything wrong, until you stop out of the room. Then it's up on the end tables to see what he can grab and chew before you get back, and I'm talking he is FAST! By the time I go pee and get back, if there is something, he will chew it.

8:15 AM